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Sabinet has an expert team updating South African national, provincial and local legislation on a daily basis.

Sabinet can therefore offer easy online access to updated South African Acts, Provincial Acts as well as Municipal By-laws.

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South African National Legislation (NetLaw)

People and companies with a need for the latest updated version of South African legislation will find the updated consolidated version of all South African Acts with their Rules and Regulations by using Sabinet's South African Legislation product, NetLaw.

All principal South African Acts from 1910 to the present are available in an easy-to-search format and only one version of the specific Act is available, namely the most up-to-date version.

Our team of experts update all amendments to Acts, their Rules and Regulations, as published in the Government Gazette, immediately where possible. We however guarantee that it will be updated in the consolidated version within five workings days.

Since it is essential for most companies to stay up to date with changes in legislation, Sabinet also offers a weekly legislation newsletter which informs clients of all changes that were made to legislation during the previous week.

The Sabinet Legal Platform offers clients an easy-to-use search facility as well as drop-down lists to get easy access to their required results.

Clients can also do a search within a specific Act and its Regulations.

The Act Index shows which regulations are applicable and decided cases are cited. It also gives access to the applicable Amendment Acts.

For more information, please visit the NetLaw webpage.

Provincial Legislation

Sabinet's Provincial NetLaw offers currently more than 630 Acts and Ordinances still in force and applicable to all South African Provinces from 1910 to date and the number keeps growing on a daily basis.

This new approach to Provincial Legislation is a first in South Africa and makes the Acts and/or Ordinances available as they were at a particular point in time and currently the product has more than 1100 versions of the Acts and Ordinances.

Also available are the most up to date consolidated versions of the Provincial Acts.

For more information, please visit the Provincial NetLaw webpage.

Sabinet Municipal By-Laws

It is difficult for citizens and companies to stay up to date with the relevant By-laws in their specific municipalities or municipalities where they conduct business. Up-to-date Local Government legal information is not always easy to obtain.

Sabinet's Municipal By-laws make it easy to immediately see the applicable By-laws in all municipalities in all nine provinces of South Africa.

Clients receive a weekly newsletter which informs them what changes took place in local legislation during the previous week.

For more information, please visit the Municipal By-laws webpage.